Benfleet FAQs

How long does it take to get to London from Benfleet?

By train, it is a 40-minute journey from Benfleet to London, by car it is around 1 hour.

What train line is available in Benfleet?

Benfleet is served by the c2c train line, part of National Rail. It serves locations in the South East of Essex as well as locations in east and central London.

What are the nearest airports to Benfleet?

London Southend Airport is 13 miles away from Benfleet.

What is parking like in Benfleet?

There are many car parks and parking, both paid and unpaid, facilities near Benfleet station and the surrounding area.

What shopping centres are available in Benfleet?

Benfleet does not have any shopping centres; however, it is located close to Lakeside (20mins drive) in Thurrock.

Does Benfleet have a high street?

Benfleet has no official high street.

What primary schools are in Benfleet?

There are a number of primary schools in Benfleet, including South Benfleet Primary School, Robert Drake Primary School and Montgomerie Primary School too.

What secondary schools are in Benfleet?

In the Benfleet area, there is The Deanes School, Appleton School and King John School – which are secondary schools in Benfleet.

What is the nearest University to Benfleet?

The nearest university to Benfleet is the University of Essex. London universities are easily accessible by train.

Are there parks in Benfleet?

Hadleigh Castle Country Park is a large country park located close to Benfleet, in Hadleigh.

Where is best to walk dogs in Benfleet?

Ideal locations to walk a dog would be Manor Park in Benfleet or Hadleigh Castle Country Park.

How old is Benfleet?

The town originates as far back as the 5th century.

Which famous people came from Benfleet?

Famous people including Ron Martin (Southend United Chairman) as well as Nicola Willis (Olympic Gymnast).

Where is good to eat in Benfleet?

There are a number of great restaurants in Benfleet, including ASPERA, Gambero D’oro and Anatolian Restaurant as well.

Where is Benfleet located?

Benfleet is located north of Canvey Island, in the South East of Essex.

What’s the nearest hospital to Benfleet?

The closest hospital is Southend University Hospital.

Which council is Benfleet in?

Whilst South Benfleet is part of Castle Point council, North Benfleet falls under Basildon council.

Which cinemas are in Benfleet?

There are no cinemas in Benfleet. The closest ones are either in Basildon or Canvey.

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