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Busting The Myths

Busting The Myths

The Great Zing Myth-Buster

Decoding Estate Agent and Solicitor Speak

In this world of ‘false truths’, Zing is all about transparency. Here’s a handy guide to understanding what estate agents and solicitors might really mean when they say something to you – it’s a bit like a phrase book you’d take away on holiday with you when you don’t understand the language.

Estate Agent

"We strongly suggest you use our recommended conveyancer as it gives us more control over the sale."
What they really mean is use our conveyancer so we'll receive the commission.
"The vendor insists you use our conveyancer as the sale will go through quicker."
Again, this is just another example of Estate Agents suggesting a product to earn commission.
"We strongly advise you to use our mortgage adviser as there is more chance of your offer being accepted."
Starting to sound familiar!?
"We can only put your offer forward if you use our solicitor/mortgage adviser."
"We're trying so hard now to make some commission that we've just crossed the line"

HERE'S AN INTERESTING TWIST, THOUGH – If you can find an estate agent who recommends the Zing Homebuyers' Bundle, they will be receiving a £100 referral fee. Don't gasp in horror. This means that said estate agent has turned down the opportunity to earn far more from their usual recommendations. Instead, they've chosen quality for their clients over personal gain.

Note: We are happy to pay you this £100 referral fee if you recommend Zing to friends or family and they complete on a mortgage application.


"By choosing a local solicitor you don’t have to send original passports or driving licences through the post."
In reality, most solicitors will accept certified copies from your mortgage broker so no need to post anything to anyone.
"By choosing your local solicitor you can call in to deliver and collect documents which is more secure."
In reality, most solicitors will accept certified copies from your mortgage broker.
"By choosing a local solicitor you only have one or two people to deal with."
Yeah right, and you try speaking with them! Chances are you'll either talk to an assistant or be promised a call back that doesn’t happen. By taking the Home Buyer's Bundle, Zing controls communication, so you'll get regular updates all the way through the process without even needing to ask.

Armed with this guide, you're now fully prepared!

You may enter the lion's den of property purchasing without falling into the trap of agreeing to use particular solicitors or mortgage advisers simply to line someone else’s pockets. Forewarned is forearmed...

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