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Here at ZING, we’d like to thank you, the back bone of the NHS. We recognise that your hours can be long, your roles demanding and that sometimes you don’t receive the appreciation or recompense that you deserve. Before we say another word, we’d like to promise you £100 discount on our standard adviser fee as a small way of demonstrating our thanks.

Perhaps you work overtime, take on bank work or even hold down additional jobs outside the hospital or medical practice? All of this makes your payslips complex and your annual income quite tricky to work out, when calculating finances for a mortgage. At ZING we understand this and keep ahead of the game with lenders, constantly checking on their criteria and identifying those who will take a generous view of your additional income streams – which some lenders don’t.

If you work shifts, we’re happy to fit around you and meet with you at a time and place which suits you best, including weekends and evenings.  If we arrange a mortgage for you, we’ll be doing the chasing with the lender when required and we’ll keep you updated throughout the process so you have at least one less thing to worry about.

To receive tailored mortgage advice along with the £100 discount, please either call 03332 414113 or email us on nhs@zing-mortgages.co.uk to arrange your ZING mortgage appointment.

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