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Let Us Make Your First Experience of Home Buying Stress-Free

A new home is probably the biggest purchase any of us are likely to make, so if you’ve never done it before it’s bound to seem like a daunting, anxiety-provoking life event. But the process can be fairly painless, and getting the right help and advice will certainly keep your stress levels to a minimum.

We’re on hand with whatever assistance you need, tailored to your circumstances. Best of all, our recommendations will take your future plans into account as well as your current situation.

We’ll Guide You through the Home Buying Process

For first time buyers, part of the worry comes from not knowing what to expect. Because the home buying process depends on different factors coming together, it can take a few weeks between finding out how much you can borrow and moving in to your new home. Everybody’s experience is different, so asking friends and family about what is was like to buy their home isn’t necessarily a good guide to what you can expect.

That’s why our friendly team will be sure keep you in the loop about what’s happening and when.

An Overview of What Buying Your First Home Entails

Having said that, it’s useful to have a rough idea of the individual steps in the home buying process.

After you find out how much you’re able to borrow, the next step is to find a home you like within your budget, view the property and make an offer. Once a surveyor has inspected the property and issued a report, you’ll need to find the right solicitor to take care of the legal requirements. Then, at long last, you’ll be able to get your mortgage completed, contracts exchange and move into your new home.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.