The perks of using a Face-to-Face Mortgage Broker

Whilst the internet has made a few things easier, it’s taken away the overall personal experiences in life. Instead of talking to a cashier at a shop, the only chance you get for a chat is the automated chatbot… When you’re buying food, you can’t pick up and see what you’re going to be buying. For most things, it’s always a little better when it’s done face-to-face, right? Well, were here to convince you why you should use a face-to-face mortgage broker, like us.

We’re Zing Mortgages, an independent mortgage broker based in Essex. And, in our latest blog post, we’re here to convince you why face-to-face mortgage brokers are the way to go. Yes, you may think we’re a little biased, but we’re going to try to be as impartial as possible…

So, without further ado, let us tell you why you should use a face-to-face mortgage broker, or more specifically, why you should use us! We do things differently here at Zing! Here’s our top 4 reasons.

1. We work around you

Whilst using an online mortgage broker may be an attractive option for those short on time, it’s not ideal if you prefer to meet someone and discuss your options. Some face-to-face brokers may have limited office hours and can’t meet when it’s convenient for you. The handy thing about us is, our brokers work around your schedule, and arrange meetings with you when it’s convenient for you! No waiting weeks on end for an appointment, our dedicated team of mortgage brokers can assist you at a time that works for you. So, our mortgage brokers can meet you pretty much anywhere, at a time that suits you.

2. We handle every step

One thing we pride ourselves on at Zing is taking care of your mortgage, every step of the way. We don’t leave you waiting around, wondering what’s happening. But, with Zing we ensure that you’re updated every step of the way about the process of your application. Whilst automated tools are great, wouldn’t it be ideal to pick up the phone and ask how far along your application is? Well, with face-to-face brokers you can!

3. We can offer more

This is where online mortgage brokers may have the higher ground on some face-to-face brokers, but not on us. At Zing we can compare 1000s of mortgages from 100s of lenders, to find a deal that works for you. It’s part of our philosophy to offer you a mortgage that is ideal for you. We also cover more of the market than just your high street lenders, meaning you’ve got more choice when it comes to your mortgage. But, can online mortgage brokers offer you a personal experience? All we know is Zing can.

4. We have more time for you

One of our unique selling points, especially from our brokers’ perspective, is that we take care of the admin for the broker. Now, you may ask – why does this benefit me? Well, if your broker has to spend less time filling in the little bits of paperwork, they can spend more time assisting you in your mortgage search. Yes, it’s a small thing, but our brokers are more dedicated to clients because they get to spend more time helping them – face-to-face.

Online isn’t for everyone, and if you want to meet the person who’s handling your mortgage, face-to-face is the way forward. If you’re looking for a truly personal, experience with dedicated advisers, you know who to call… If you want Zing to help you find your ideal mortgage, get in touch. We’re ready to help you, face-to-face.

(We did say we’d try to be impartial…)

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1st time buyers and they made the whole process really easy from start to finish. Kept us up to date throughout and answered any questions we had strait away. Thank you Zing
Rion in Sevenoaks
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Gary was patient & understanding when dealing with our mortgage. Ellie was brilliant with weekly updates that increased to daily as we neared completion. Can't thank the team at Zing enough, would recommend to anyone.
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Great service from start to finish. Lee was very knowledgable and got us the deal we where looking for. Was kept informed and he was always available, or called us back. Would highly recommend.
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Very nice service I will recommend it to my friends and if I need will use again. Very big thanks for Ian.
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We have used zings services for a number of years now and have always been very happy with there services, although we had a bit of a slow start this time everything was completed well and would recommend them again for the future.
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They chased the solicitors continuously for what was a long tome! They kept me up to date throughout which I really appreciated
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