How to Baby-Proof your New Home

For every family moving into a new home with a little one, the first thing on your list is going to be making sure your home is ‘baby-proof’. There’s so many things around the home that can injure your child, especially when they start learning to walk and crawl. So, for parents moving into a new home, it’s time to get ready to baby proof!

Babies grow up so fast, and then become really fast… They can be gone in the blink of an eye, crawling and walking around the home, exploring everything. You’re not always going to be able to keep track of all their moments – but you’ll do your best. So, when you aren’t in view to keep them safe, you need to make sure your home is baby-proof.

The Zing team have come up with some helpful tips on making sure your home is baby proof for your little ones. Because we’re not all about mortgages, we care about everything that comes after as well! In this blog, we’ve got loads of tips to help baby proof your home!

Sit, Crawl, Walk

Before you know it, your little one has grown into the most mobile thing on the planet. Crawling everywhere, and eventually rising to walk around the house. Unfortunately, your little ones may explore and end up with some bumps and bruises. Accidents happen in the home, at any time, so it’s important to make sure you make every effort to make your home safe for your child. With them on the go, there’s a few things that are essential to make sure your kids are safe.

The Essentials

Whilst it may be tempting to invest in every available piece of child safety equipment, you really don’t need to. And whilst you may want to get it all, (to make sure your child is a safe as possible) it’s not entirely necessary. Because after the costs of moving and repaying your mortgage, you’ll be glad to save the money. Therefore, there are 5 top essentials that the Zing team feel are completely necessary for your home. Which are:

  • Gates for Stairs
  • Shields for Plug Sockets
  • Rubber Guards for Edges and Corners
  • Child Safety Locks for Cupboards
  • Door Stoppers

These essentials are necessary to make sure your home is safe for your child/children. However, every home is different. For example, if you live in a bungalow, you’re not going to need stair gates or a rail guard. And, if you’re moving into a property with a pool, you’re going to need to a pool alarm, to be alerted if someone falls in. You should carefully assess what safety equipment your new home needs in order for your child to stay safe.

Tips on Baby-proofing your Home

Here’s our top tips on how to childproof your new home!

1. Use Gates

You’ll need to fit two child safety gates at, one for each at the top and bottom of your staircase, to prevent falls.

2. Use Safety Rails

The safety rail will prevent your child poking their head through banisters, as this rail guard covers the sides of your stairs.

3. Tidy Cords and Appliances

Anything that is child height (appliances like hairdryers) should be unplugged and put away. Items that left plugged in, like TVs, wires should be tucked away to prevent tripping.

4. Put away Heavy and Dangerous Equipment

A lot of accidents happen in the kitchen, so, make sure all dangerous or heavy equipment is put away. Things like pots, pans and knives should be hidden in cabinets or cupboards with child locks.

5. Use shields on plug sockets

Make sure all plug sockets not in use have safety shield on them – to prevent anything being poked in to them by your child.

6. Use door stops

This one is a given, but injuries and accidents involving doors can be common – so make sure they’re all kept open with door stops.

7. Window Gates

Windows at child height are risks, so put a gate in front of any windows that might be accessible by wandering toddlers.

8. Corners and Edges

Make sure you use those corner guards we’ve mentioned to prevent nasty bangs on sharp table or surface corners.

9. Lock Cupboards

Finally, utilise the child safety cupboard locks we also mentioned, to make sure your cupboards are locked from exploring children.

When it comes to baby proofing your home, make sure everything you can think of is covered. Whilst you can’t prevent everything, you can take the necessary steps to prevent most things! Every home is different so have a look around and assess what equipment you’re going to need. Whether you’re in your new home or a current one, make sure you baby-proof.

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