When are you a ‘proper adult’?

Being an adult isn’t something that simply happens when you turn 18. Because if cinemas and bus companies think you’re an adult by the age of 16, someone has got their wires crossed along the way. The truth is, many of the current generations don’t feel like they’re ‘proper adults’ yet, simply because they’re not in the same position the generation before were 20-30 odd years ago. Back then, everyone and their mums had a house! But now it’s not as easy.

Because it’s not as easy as being legally allowed to buy alcohol, we thought about what makes a ‘proper adult’. So, what do you think makes you a ‘proper adult’? Well, Zing has come up with a few ideas of our own! How many on our list can you check off? If you agree with any of the statements below, you might just be a ‘proper adult’.

1. ‘10pm is late’

After a long day at work, most of us are ready to crawl into bed as is. But, pair it with any plans or tasks you have to do mid-week, getting into bed at 10pm seems like an ideal proposition. Whilst you may occasionally stay out past 10, if you’ve had a busy day, it’s damn exhausting. Partying until the early hours of the morning becomes more of a treat than a reoccurring event, and in the week especially, 10pm harks the time of ‘get into bed’.

2. ‘I budget each month’

Budgeting is the sign of a ‘proper adult’, because, let’s face it, it no longer seems like a good idea to live payslip to payslip every month. You’ve assigned budget for rent, food shopping, bills, savings and even set aside a little to treat yourself with some nights out with your friends every month.

3. ‘I have savings’

Speaking of allocating some of your monthly earnings for savings, another mark of a ‘proper adult’ is having some savings. It doesn’t matter if you’re saving for a house deposit or even just planning for the future, if you’re actively saving, we think you’re classed as a ‘proper adult’.

4. ‘I can use an iron’

Ironing is no longer as much of a chore as it used to seem. We’re not saying it’s fun, but you actually do it. Because hanging up clothes and waiting for the creases to magically ‘fall out’ isn’t an option ‘proper adults’ consider. It’s easier to set up the iron than it is to simply wait a few days for your clean clothes to be presentable…

5. ‘I’ve moved out / want to move out of my parent’s house’

It’s not 1970 anymore. Adults can’t buy a house for the price of a tin of beans… We’re exaggerating, but you get our point. Most adults will find that they may have come back to mum and dads even for a bit just to settle themselves and save. Problem is, you’re ready for your own space. If you’ve moved out to rent or desperately want to move out, then you’re a ‘proper adult’. Whilst it’s nice being at home, it’s not a long-term option for you.

6. ‘I’m smart with my money’

Along with your budgeting prowess, you’ve realised that you can’t be so flippant with your money anymore. There are more important things than ordering £20s worth of pizza to yourself or paying £80 a month for your mobile. You’re making smarter financial decisions to better yourself for the future, like saving up for a house deposit.

7. ‘I look at houses’

Walking past estate agencies isn’t as easy as it used to be… You’ll have your head turned by a property that you think ‘I wonder how many bedrooms there are’. Or your search history consists of more Right Move and Zoopla pages than it used to. Looking at houses is a sign you’re ready to be a ‘proper adult’. You find yourself more and more keen to the idea of getting your own home.

8. ‘I’m looking into a mortgage’

If you’re thinking about getting a mortgage, then you’re a ‘proper adult’. The responsibility of managing a mortgage and owning your own home officially qualifies you for ‘proper adult’ status. So, if you’re ready to look for a mortgage, you’ll need the right broker to help you, right? Well, you’re in the right place.

Zing is all about helping you find the right mortgage for you. Our expert team of mortgage brokers and advisers can assist you in finding the right mortgage. As an independent mortgage broker, we can offer you free and impartial advice about your mortgage – so get in touch with us!

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