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Accident, sickness & unemployment (ASU) protection is one solution to the problem of how to get income if you’re not able to work. ASU is a short-term kind of insurance cover which only pays out for a period of between 12-24 months. As such, ASU policies can be a good product for giving you peace of mind if you’re worried you might lose your income because of short-term illness or redundancy.

When you take out ASU, your cover levels are planned to be enough to meet your mortgage repayments plus regular monthly outgoings. You’ll usually be able to choose a level of payout between 60-65% of your normal income. Together with any statutory payments you’re eligible for, this is often enough to keep your household ticking over while you recover or look for another job.

ASU or Income Protection?

Your mortgage probably won’t automatically include ASU cover, so it’s something you’ll need to arrange separately. If you’re concerned about the possibility of longer periods of sickness, you should consider taking out income protection. These policies are intended to cover a much longer duration, and some will even keep paying out until you reach retirement age.

Because income protection policies come with a higher level of cover than ASU, they are slightly more complex to take out. You may, for example, need to undergo a medical before your application is accepted, and the application process will typically take longer. However, once accepted for income protection cover you can usually claim more than once, even if you’re prevented from working by multiple episodes of the same illness.

Because it’s impossible to give general advice about what kind of cover you should choose, it’s a good idea to arrange to talk to our protection specialists. They will use your personal information to tailor their recommendations to your circumstances and future plans.


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For Accident, Sickness and Unemployment insurance, based on a 30 year old male, a typical cost per £100 of cover would be £4.03 per month. This is based on a 30 day deferred period.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.