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Although buildings insurance isn’t compulsory like motor insurance, taking out this kind of policy is usually a precondition of your mortgage. And it’s a condition which certainly makes good sense: after all, what would happen if your home were to be substantially damaged in a flood, fire or other major incident? You’d still be liable to pay your mortgage but would also have to find somewhere else to live.

Not Just For Disasters

Even if you’re not among the unlucky minority of homeowners to experience an environmental disaster or man-made catastrophe, buildings insurance cushions you from other expensive problems. Subsidence and damp are examples of problems which commonly affecting housing stock in the UK, and ones which typically cost a lot to put right. It’s a rare homeowner who manages to completely avoid claiming on their buildings policy over the lifetime of their mortgage.

Don’t Undervalue Your Belongings

Contents insurance is a wise precaution, too. Many of us undervalue our belongings and fail to consider the cost implications of having to start over again from scratch. And with the rising popularity of wearable and portable technology, there’s an increasing need to insure the valuable items you carry with you when you leave your home. Contents insurance is often the most cost-effective way to obtain this level of protection.

Be Prepared

Don’t wait until you’ve moved into your new home before arranging insurance cover. You’re legally responsible for your property’s bricks, mortar, fixtures and fittings from the moment you exchange contracts. So you should act to arrange suitable cover in advance of your purchase completion date, just in case you need to make a claim during the early days of your ownership.

Zing’s mortgage specialists also have expert knowledge of insurance cover. As part of our seamless service they can talk you through the level of cover you’re likely to need and find the right policy for you. As usual, our insurance advice is independent and tailored to your individual situation.


*For insurance business we offer products from a choice of insurers.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.