Sooner Rather Than Later

We’re all guilty of procrastinating in the face of difficult or unpleasant tasks, and arranging life assurance or other cover often slips down the agenda. But when it comes to reviewing our provision for the future, there’s no time like the present. A few uncomfortable minutes now could mean a carefree, financially secure future.

New Job

The level of benefits associated with your new job may not match those in your previous role, and it’s important to consider where you need to make up any shortfall. Alternatively, if your new package is more comprehensive than the last you could save yourself some money. Our advisers can help you decide what you need and what you can do without.

Getting Married or Living Together

Planning your wedding can be all-consuming, but your life afterwards is what really counts. How would either of you cope financially if the other were no longer able to contribute? Whether you’re getting married or moving in with your partner it’s a good idea to at least consider life assurance and some level of income protection cover.

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Having A Baby

Having a baby changes your world, but also has a major impact on your finances. Your child will be financially dependent on you—and on your partner, if you have one—for a long time, and it’s essential for you to maintain a reasonable standard of living while your new son or daughter grows up. This includes the possibility that you might not be there to provide for your family because of illness or death.

Breaking up

It might seem odd to think about finances when you’re going through the pain of a break-up, but this is often the time when you most need to consider your position. If you have children you may now be a single parent, with increased responsibility for childcare costs or school fees. Or you may suddenly find yourself without family responsibilities and able to downsize your financial commitments.

Stopping Smoking

To those of you who’ve just stopped smoking, congratulations: you’ve done your body a great kindness. But better yet, if you can stay away from tobacco for 12 months, your life assurance provider will also see it that way. Non-smokers can pay up to 50% less for life assurance cover than smokers, so the period after you’ve quit smoking is a good time to review your policy.

The list above doesn’t include everything that can happen to you, but we hope it’s enough to give you the general idea that when your life changes, your level of protection might need to as well. We’re with you all the way, so whenever you need to review your cover, just call our friendly advisers.

*For insurance business we offer products from a choice of insurers.

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