It’s the Eco-Friendly Option

Nowadays we all have a strong awareness of the need to conserve our natural resources, and this is demonstrated in the design and execution of new build homes. Specifically created to be energy efficient, newly built homes are never draughty, cold or dark: they’re easy to heat and cheap to run. So when you buy a new build home, you’re saving your own resources as well as the planet’s.

You Can Specify the Exterior and the Interior

When we move into a new home it’s never quite as we want it. Interiors are easy to customise: choose the right décor, carry out some minor modifications and you have the room of your dreams. But with a new home, you’ll often find the same interior plan rendered in a variety of different external styles. So even if you absolutely must have three bedrooms and a medium-sized garden, you may well be able to take your pick from Neo-Georgian, Nantucket-style clapboard or Modernist exteriors.

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A More Rational Space, Chosen to Suit Your Lifestyle

Every time you buy an older property you’re also buying modifications made by its past owners. Sometimes these are fantastic, but more often than not they don’t suit the way you live and you’re stuck with making costly and time-consuming changes of your own. Buy new and you can choose the features and fittings that truly complement your lifestyle from the day you move in.

Better Home Security

Security systems are usually an afterthought in older properties. This is not the case with new build: high-spec alarm systems and impenetrable door and window locks come as standard in our crime-conscious age. Perhaps even more importantly, your newly built home will be designed to meet the very latest standards in electrical and fire safety.

You Won’t Get Stuck In a Property Chain

If you’ve ever been in this position, you’ll be well placed to appreciate the benefits of a chain-free property purchase. With a new build home there’s no messing about waiting for the existing owners to find somewhere else to live: you’ll be able to order your new home and get a completion date straight away. This frees you up to concentrate on organising the sale of your existing home and on packing up your belongings ready for the move, making the whole process as stress-free as possible.

More Financially Accessible

A big advantage of new build homes is that they’re often covered by schemes aimed at making them more affordable. Government-backed initiatives like Help to Buy, Shared Ownership are designed to bring new homes within the reach of individuals who might otherwise struggle to become homebuyers. Our specialist mortgage advisers can help you find out what assistance is available in your area.

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Beside you all the way

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